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What Is a Retirement Annuity?

A retirement annuity is essentially a contract between yourself and an insurance company that allows for the tax-deferred growth of your investment earnings. Annuities tend to be a popular choice amongst individuals looking to receive a steady supplementary stream of income during their retirement—no matter how long it lasts. You can choose to receive your paid-out earnings monthly, quarterly, annually, or as a lump sum—whichever option works best for you. If you choose to defer your income, your earnings will continue to grow tax-deferred at the rate associated with your annuity.

Do I Need an Annuity?

The answer to this isn’t a simple one—it really depends on your existing financial situation and what other retirement strategies you may or may not have in place. What could be certain is that there are a number of advantages associated with retirement annuities and that many utilize annuities to either supplement or fully fund their retirement when the time comes. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “do I need an annuity?” here is a list of some of the advantages associated with annuities:

Growth Potential – Fixed index annuities can have much higher potential earnings than traditional annuities with a guaranteed minimum rate. This means that there is far more growth potential present here. Another strength associated with retirement annuities is that there is no direct risk of investment loss due to market fluctuations. Your principal is always protected from market forces.

They Should Deliver Confidence – An annuity can help you save money in the form of its tax-deferred earnings, guaranteeing you see income payments over the entire course of your retirement.

Supplementary Income – Sometimes even your pension, IRA, nor Social Security offer you the income that you need to live comfortably. A fixed index retirement annuity could, at the very least, help provide you with the supplementary income you’ll require during retirement.

Now that you know a bit about what annuities are and what advantages they could offer, we can begin coming up with a plan that works for you. If you’re ready to start or still have questions about what a retirement annuity is, we can help! Contact us today or schedule a meeting with a professional.