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Taxes on Your
Retirement Funds

The Smart Way to Build and Preserve Wealth


Everyone should have the same opportunities to build and preserve wealth

In a perfect world you would start building your financial plan for retirement the day after you start your first job. But most of us never get that class in school and we start thinking about preparing for retirement later in life.

Once you realize you need to start then you’re faced the problem of finding the right help. You want to take action, but maybe you got burned in the past with bad investment advice, or maybe you just have no idea where to start.

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Successful Retirees


Work with financial advisors who are focused on educating instead of selling investment products


Take advantage of the same tax breaks high net worth individuals have been using for decades


Have clarity on where they are today and exactly what they need to do to retire into the lifestyle they want


Get personalized guidance from financial advisors who offer wealth strategies the big financial firms are prohibited from offering


Our Holistic Wealth Management Strategy

See the Big Picture with Maximum Clarity

Tax, Income & Risk

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime taxes, increase the amount of income you can generate in retirement, and reduce your retirement strategy risk.

Macro vs. Micro

A macro approach focuses on reducing taxes over your lifetime so you can save a substantially larger amount of your hard earned income. A traditional micro approach focuses on reducing taxes in a single year.

Software & Analysis

Using proprietary models we analyze the total potential taxes you may owe in retirement, project your potential income your retirement strategy may generate, and evaluate how to best position your retirement assets for the future.

retirement planning specialist
Anthony De Santis

The Tax Free Retirement Expert

“Take advantage of the open tax “secret” high net worth individuals have been using for decades to save hundreds of thousands towards retirement.”

Anthony De Santis has helped thousands of people create a worry free retirement over his 25+ years in financial services working with high net worth individuals to young professionals just starting out.

  • Led over 1,500 seminars
  • Helped over 10,000 individuals
  • Serves clients nationwide


Three Easy Steps

To Your Tax Free Retirement

Things get confusing when you don’t understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.
Building and preserving wealth doesn’t have to be so complicated.



Step one is discussing what you want. Specifically, what type of lifestyle do you want today, tomorrow, and after retirement.



The second step is taking a look at your existing financial situation and discussing different ways you can achieve your short and long term financial goals.



The final step is creating a custom wealth strategy. The plan changes with you and always keeps you on course to building and preserving more wealth.